Command Help

This bot is retired.

*help -- Gives you some help with the commands. (But your viewing this page so you won't need it ;))

*hi -- The bot says hi to you

*invite -- Returns the invite link

*move -- Moves songs in a queue

*loop -- Turns on loop (Repeat mode) for a song

*np -- Show's what song is playing

*pause -- Pause the music

*ping -- Shows the bot's ping (not the @ ping lol)

*play <Youtube url/Video title> -- Plays's a video from youtube

*playlist <Url> -- Play's a playlist from youtube

*queue -- Show's songs currently in a queue. (Hopefully their good ones :D)

*remove <song> -- Removes a song from a queue

*resume -- Resumes a song

*search -- Search on youtube and select a song

*shuffle -- Shuffles songs on a queue (You'll never know what plays next :D)

*skipto <number> -- Skips to a specific song on a queue

*skip -- Skips the currently playing song

*stop -- Stops the music (use this when never gonna give you up is playing so you don't get rickrolled longer than you have to lol)

*uptime -- Returns how long the bot has been online

*volume <number 1-100> -- Changes the volume of the music

*define -- Define's music

Need more help?

Join the support server Though the bot is unsupported, you can still join and see an archeive of the support server. You cant send messages.